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SPECIAL UPDATES: updated September 28, 2015

November 7, 2015: Tai Chi Youth Push Hands Seminar
1pm to 3pm. (Please note the change of time.)
LOCATION: Shaolin American Self Defense Academy: 4723 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood CA 91602

November 14, 2015: Tai Chi Youth Push Hands Tournament
10am start time.
LOCATION: ???? TBA ??? Scheduled tournament location cancelled. TCY is searching for new location.

Downloads for upcoming events:

Tai Chi Youth Push Hands Tournament REGISTRATION FORM >>
Tai Chi Youth Push Hands Tournament RULES >>
November 14, 2015 Tai Chi Youth Push Hands Tournament FLYER >>
Tai Chi Youth BROCHURE side-A >>
Tai Chi Youth BROCHURE side-B >>

Mike Edwards and Bill Dufala
Bill Dufala and Mike Edwards
Shifu Zhen BUNBO in 94 Olympics

Push Hands SEMINAR
1st Saturday of June
$20 each

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TCY Push Hands
2nd Saturday of June

$25 for 1st event
$15 for 2nd event
$10 for 3rd event
$5 per spectator

Push Hands SEMINAR
1st Saturday of November 7, 2015
SPECIAL Pre-Registration Price

Your martial arts SCHOOL NAME
Your martial arts MASTER NAME

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Push Hands SEMINAR
1st Saturday of November 7, 2015
$20 each (day of event)

Your martial arts SCHOOL NAME
Your martial arts MASTER NAME

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1st Saturday November 7, 2015
$5 each

Your martial arts SCHOOL NAME
Your martial arts MASTER NAME

TCY Annual Chinese Gongfu & Taijiquan
Forms & Weapons Tournament
3rd Saturday November 2016

$25 for 1st event
$15 for 2nd event
$10 for 3rd event
$5 for 4th event
$5 for 5th event
$5 per spectator

Not scheduled for 2015.

Each tournament competitor registration or seminar registration includes a $5 tax-deductible donation to Tai Chi Youth.

Tournament Rules:

Tai Chi Youth Push Hands Tournament

  >> DOWNLOAD Updated PDF of RULES <<

Tai Chi Youth Push Hands RULES  (Fixed Step Push Hands Rules of Shaolin Chi Mantis™)

1. Shoes required unless working on mats or flooring per decision of establishment management.
2. Push opponent from waist to shoulders. Punching, poking, grabbing, seizing, and joint locks not allowed.
3. Lift a foot completely off ground = opponent point. Touching ground with hands = opponent point.
4. 30-seconds competing with left foot forward plus 30-seconds with right foot forward = complete match.
5. Winner = highest score. Tie-breaker = "sudden death." (First point scored = winner.)
6. Judge decisions are final. Judges can disqualify any opponent for improper conduct = opponent victory.
7. Excessive force = 1 warning. Subsequent excessive force = points for opponent.
8. Opponents grouped as underbelts or black belts. Divisions per each 25 pounds per day of match weight.
9. Divisions may be grouped to create sufficient number of contestants per event. (Ages 8 to 65 allowed.)
10. Trophy awards to 1st and 2nd place winners of each division
11. Long-sleeved shirt/jackets required. Clothing cannot contain ANY ADVERTISING OR LOGOS OR PATCHES
12. Events are filmed so artwork permissions are required. Tai Chi Youth, Buddha Kung Fu, and Shaolin Chi Mantis clothing and logos are permitted in tournaments, seminars, and videos.
13. Participation in this tournament is consent to use your name and likeness without any compensation or reward in all media formats. Please inform us during registration of proper spelling of your chosen name.
14. No long finger nails, warts, open wounds or bandages on hands, wrists or arms.
15. Falling down is possible. Please don't get hurt or hurt your opponent.
16. No touching of legs, knees, neck, head or feet. If foot slides without lifting, judges will stop and restart.

SCM-TCY Push Hands shirtLong-sleeved shirts required. (Tai Chi Youth Push Hands shirts RECOMMENDED.)
Clothing cannot contain ANY advertising or logos or patches. (Events filmed, so permissions are required of artwork.)
     Tai Chi Youth, Buddha Kung Fu, and Shaolin Chi Mantis clothing = permitted in tournaments and videos.
Participants consent to being included in Tai Chi Youth promotions, advertising, short films and documentary footage.
Be respectful to judges and exhibit your best behavior at all times during the tournament.
Advise your friends, guests, relatives and classmates to have good manners also. (Profanities, and bad behavior are cause for removal.)
Spectator seating may or may not be provided per event location management.
Updated information can also be found by "LIKING" the Facebook "Tai Chi Youth" page at:   www.Facebook.com/taichiyouth
Tai Chi Youth is a nonprofit organization supported by foundations, donations and government grants. Sponsor our good reputation.
No refunds except for cancellation or rescheduling of tournament.
All consents and agreements apply to Tai Chi Youth related enterprises:
     Shaolin Chi Mantis
     Buddha Kung Fu
     Shaolin Records
     Shaolin Pictures

TCY Tai Chi 1-Minute Form Competition RULES

1. 60-second time limit starts at beginning of Tai Chi Form performance. Timekeeper will announce, "Time."
2. Judges will strive to score per your Tai Chi style, so announce your form and include your Tai Chi Style.
3. No deduction in points or scoring for reaching the 1-minute time limit. Just end gracefully in current movement when Timekeeper announces, "Time."

TCY Tai Chi Self-Defense Applications and Techniques Competition RULES

1. One of three chosen movements of Tai Chi Form demonstrated by 5 to 10-second Tai Form performance.
2. Slow-motion application WITH PARTNER with verbal explanation of effectiveness.
3. Fast-motion application WITH PARTNER displaying effectiveness without injuring partner.
4. At completion of three demonstrations, stand in front of judges with partner to your right side until judges announce scores.

Assumption of Risk for all participants of all events, classes, seminars, and tournaments of Tai Chi Youth:

Tai Chi Youth, or any of the other enterprises of Richard Del Connor, is not responsible for any injuries suffered while attending our classes, seminars, or tournaments. You, the spectator, student, or competitor is fully aware of the physical rigors and possible risk of injury inherent in participating in martial arts training and competition. He/she realizes that not all techniques may be successful in every situation and proficiency can only be achieved through a combination of continued practice, exercise of good judgment, and natural abilities. He/she freely assumes all risks of any type of injury.


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