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Chinese Yoga from Tai Chi Youth This Chinese Yoga™ program was created by Richard Del Connor, "Buddha Zhen," in 1984 for all of the Shaolin Chi Mantis™ Kung Fu and Tai Chi programs taught since then. This is the first time students can learn and experience the health and well-being of Shaolin Kung Fu without participating in the martial arts training of Shaolin Kung Fu.


Buddha Zhen 1997Chinese Yoga Questions: Buddha Zhen 818-723-2769 or 619-665-8482

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TCY mailing address: PO Box 632, Verdugo City, CA 91046


Tai Chi Youth for healthier kids.

Tai Chi Youth was launched in 1996, to provide youth at risk with the education and exercise required to create better lifestyles and futures for them. Since then, Tai Chi Youth programs have been designed for senior programs and working parents with only one class per week...

Tai Chi Youth questions: Buddha Zhen 818-723-2769 or 619-665-8482


Tai Chi Youth at July 4 Parade 2007Scholarships have been provided to a wide variety of youth at risk, Big Brother organizations, and Big Sister organizations, resulting in many students claiming that, "Tai Chi Youth saved my life." Help us help more of our youth by donating today to Tai Chi Youth. Invest in the future by investing in our youth.

Donation questions: Buddha Zhen 818-723-2769

Your donations to Tai Chi Youth provide programs and scholarships to improve the body, mind, and spirit of today's youth.

Tai Chi Youth Board of Trustees:

TCY Patriarch (CEO) Buddha Zhen interviews, curriculum info
TCY President Oscar Barrera donations, board of directors,
TCY Membership Director   registration, tuitions, student questions
TCY Marketing Director   products and programs for licensing
TCY Program Director   management of existing programs
TCY Publisher Richard Del Connor graphics, website, books, promo literature
TCY Fundraising Agent   donations, tournaments, scholarships
TCY Volunteer Director   volunteer hiring, coordination, compensation
TCY Secretary Caitlin O'Connor minutes of meeting, correspondence, invoices
contact TCY President
TCY Treasurer Michelle McCarty banking, treasurer reports, taxes
contact TCY President
TCY Inventory Expert Scott Karahadian management of graphics, files, literature, media
contact TCY President
TCY Chief Abbot Buddha Zhen student supervisor, info and guidance
TCY Cheif Guan Director Buddha Zhen school facility manager, satellite locations
TCY Attorney   donations, bequeathments, legal filings
TCY Disciple of Patriarch   represents Patriarch at tournaments, events...
TCY Vice President   substitute for TCY President when necessary
TCY Committee Director   representative contact for all TCY committees
TCY Press Agent   press releases, interviews, feature stories

TCY Board Directors are staff and volunteers. If you would like to join our Board of Trustees, or TCY Advisory Board, please contact the TCY President for more information.

Teaching today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders.

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