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Tai Chi Youth presents Taiji Seniors

Tai Chi Chuan = Tai Ji Quan.

"Taijiquan" is how most of my Chinese friends write the words.

"Tai" means something large or "Supreme."

"Ji" or "Chi" has 27 different meanings in Chinese. The word used here means "Ultimate" as in an ultimate force of the universe.

"Quan," pronounced, "shwahn," and in Cantonese is spelled "Chuan," is typical to the ending of most Chinese Kung Fu styles: it means "Boxing Style."

So, Tai Chi / Taijiquan or just "Taiji" translates to, "Supreme Ultimate Power Boxing Style."

Although we do not spar, we teach Push Hands and have annual Push Hands Tournaments.

Although we promote nonviolence, we teach self-defense techniques using Tai Chi.

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Teaching today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders.

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