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Rory at YMCA

Ming and Song-Dao

Snow Mantis Class
Dad and daughter
Beginner Level
WHITE Sash Graduations
Intermediate Level
YELLOW Sash Graduations
Advanced Level
ORANGE Sash Graduations
Instructor Level

Barrera, Oscar - W+1R
Bo Jie-Ming - W+1R
Bo Jie-Ming - W+2R
Caputo, Matt - W+1R
Caputo, Matt - W+2R
Caputo, Pete - W+1R
Caputo, Pete - W+2R
Dufala, Bill - W+1R
Dufala, Bill - W+2R
Edwards, Mike - W+1R
Edwards, Mike - W+2R
Karahadian, Scott - W+1R
Lujan, Steve - W+1R
McCarty, Michelle - W+1R
O'Connor, Rory - W+1R
Quinn, Derrick - W+1R
Zhen Ming-Mou - W+1R
Zhen Ming-Mou - W+2R
Zhen Shen-Lang - W+1R
Zhen Shen-Lang - W+2R

Bo Jie-Ming - Yellow Sash
Zhen Ming-Mou - Yellow Sash
Zhen Ming-Mou - Y+1R
Zhen Ming-Mou - Y+2R
Zhen Shen-Lang - Yellow Sash
Zhen Shen-Lang - Y+1R
Zhen Shen-Lang - Y+2R

Zhen Ming-Mou - Orange Sash
Zhen Shen-Lang - Orange Sash
Zhen Shen-Lang - O+1R 
Zhen Shen-Lang - O+2R 

Zhen Shen-Lang - Red Sash
Zhen Shen-Lang - R+1R 
Zhen Shen-Lang - R+2R
Zhen Shen-Lang - R+3R
Zhen Shen-Lang - Purple Sash


3 Annual Graduations of Tai Chi Youth

Red Sash is Master SashFounder's Day Graduation Ceremony (2nd Saturday of February)

Red Sash is Master SashMay Graduation Ceremony (4th Saturday each May)

Red Sash is Master SashNovember Graduation Ceremony (Annual Membership Meeting: Saturday after Thanksgiving)


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