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Push Hands Tournament - November 2015

TCY Push HandsTai Chi Youth is promoting a Push Hands Tournament November 14, 2015.

NOTE: Tournament location is been sought elsewhere. The Shaolin American Self Defense Academy has offered to still host the Push Hands Seminar, but cannot host the tournament.

Tournament location suggestions can be directed to Richard Del Connor 818-723-2769

Tai Chi Youth Push Hands Triple Event Tournament
2nd Saturday of November at:
Location T.B.A. (suggestions?)

The prior Saturday of November (November 7, 2015), will be a Push Hands SEMINAR.

Shaolin American Self Defense Academy
4723 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, California.

Contestants SHOULD ATTEND this Push Hands Seminars that will teach more than the rules to compete. We'll show you tricks and teach "Chi Sao" or as Bruce Lee referred to it, "Sticky Hands." Sticky hands is the first level of Push Hands training. Attend the PUSH HANDS SEMINAR before the tournament to improve your chances of winning in the tournament.

Visit TOURNAMENT PAGE for more all registration, rules, and seminar information>>>
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Tai Chi Youth was launched in 1996, to provide youth at risk with the education and exercise required to create better lifestyles and futures for them. Since then, Tai Chi Youth programs have been designed for senior programs and working parents with only one class per week...

Tai Chi Youth is also where many adults rediscover "the youth within."

Our TCY programs have been taught in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, parks, YMCA, YWCA, rehabilitation programs, and a maximum security youth prison. In each of these school locations we proved that Tai Chi Youth can cure sleeping disorders, health problems, drug addiction, obesity, and eliminate the need for prescription drugs. Communication skills are also improved which enabled students to attain and succeed in better jobs and relationships.

Scholarships have been provided to a wide variety of youth at risk, Big Brother organizations, and Big Sister organizations, resulting in many students claiming that, "Tai Chi Youth saved my life." Help us help more of our youth by donating today to Tai Chi Youth.

Invest in the future by investing in our youth.

Make a difference in people's lives who will make a positive difference in people's lives...

Your donations to Tai Chi Youth provide programs and scholarships to improve the body, mind, and spirit of today's youth.

Tai Chi Youth has proven in schools, rehabs, prisons, and church programs... that by teaching our students better lifestyles -- they make better decisions.


SPECIAL NOTICE: Tai Chi Youth is hiring a new TCY Board of Trustees

After four years of searching for the best location for the new Tai Chi Youth headquarters and a location to build our TCY Online School--we looking for our new school in Burbank, or North Hollywood, California.

There are 18 TCY Board of Director positions. Many are to be salaried positions.

Help the world's greatest youth fitness program expand to the entire nation.

Contact TCY President to volunteer or join our Board of Directors:
Shifu Richard Del Connor "Kung Fu Cowboy"   818-723-2769

Teaching today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders.

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